A family tradition for us. A quality guarantee for you.

A four-thousand-square-meter establishment area, about forty employees, more than a thousand
facilities all over Italy: these are the numbers of La Cervese, a company founded in 1971 by Guerrino
Mazzoni and Mauro Petrini, its current owners.
A company that, despite its great development, is still a family business.

Where we are

Via del Lavoro, 8 - 48015
Montaletto di Cervia (RA)




Tel. 0544-965265 / 965269

Fax 0544-965289

email: lacervese@lacervese.it



La Cervese works and trades everything a professional kitchen needs: meat, fish, frozen vegetables and several products.
Since 1971, our company has served its customers in a professional way, by offering a wholesale trade service committed to quality and always focusing on human relationships: these are the features which have led our firm on its way to success.

Why to Choose La Cervese


years have passed since we started being at your service
A family tradition for us. A quality guarantee for you.


fresh and packaged items
  A warehouse with more than three thousand food and non-food items.


product lines
Meat, fish, cheese and canned food. From frozen food to fresh and room-temperature-stored food.


We deliver our products to your premises within 24 hours from  when your order is placed – or even earlier, very often.